FISHEYE Latest Cybersecurity news – REvil Kaseya ransomware / PrintNightmare Zero day exploit

Typically, Independence Day in the US is a tradition of celebration where the country enjoys a long weekend and the festivities that go with this historic day. Ironically, this weekend has also been the focus of disruption for cyber criminal activity. You may have already heard about the ransomware attack targeted on the software firm […]

REvil and PrintNightmare – Independence Day Critical Ransomware Incidents

Date 3rd July 2021                                                                                             Identified at 0900 hours Communication and response action plan from the Fisheye Team regarding two global malware attacks overnight. First update as of 1300 hours to all Site Contacts REvil Ransomware Attack The Kaseya VSA platform is currently suffering from a malware attack known as the REvil Ransomware Attack. Fisheye has […]