tinyTIP – Take regular breaks from your digital world!

Happy Boxing Day and Happy New Year 2022  From Fisheye – enjoy the beach and relax 

tinyTIP – declare war on your INBOX !

Email Amnesty – Time to archive your emails for 2021. Create a new folder(s) for 2021. Name them appropriately so you can find emails if required. Begin to move your emails across.  

tinyTIP – use a password manager and forget your passwords !

Do not bunch the weird characters at the beginning or end of your password – that’s what the bad guys look for as we have all started doing it. 

Introducing SafePass by Fisheye

In the midst of all that’s happening out there, and while you were probably trying to figure out how the traffic light system works, the Fisheye Team were working in the background to keep you more secure – and in this occasion, hopefully to make the world a better and safer place. Introducing SafePass, a […]


Length of passwords matter more than the complexity – 12 to 15 characters