Keep calm and change your passwords ! That’s secure.

We’ve been through it all – having the same password, having an easy password, never changing a password, ignoring requests to change passwords etc …. and the dreaded please choose a complicated hard to remember password.

So what’s our recommendation for 2020 vision –

  1. Keep business and personal passwords separate
  2. Use a passphrase if possible i.e. “Thequickbrownfoxisfast” – this is the latest best practice
  3. Use a hard password of 8+ characters with a mix of uppercase/lowercase and symbols – this has recently been debunked as too hard to remember and not as secure as a passphrase.
  4. Change your password regularly for sites that require extra security. ie your banking, payroll or cloud accounting software.
  5. Use two factor authentication (2FA) for any sensitive sites …. like all of those in point 4. above. Ask us how if you are unsure.
  6. NEVER share your password.

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