FISHEYE Latest Cybersecurity news – REvil Kaseya ransomware / PrintNightmare Zero day exploit

Typically, Independence Day in the US is a tradition of celebration where the country enjoys a long weekend and the festivities that go with this historic day.

Ironically, this weekend has also been the focus of disruption for cyber criminal activity. You may have already heard about the ransomware attack targeted on the software firm Kaseya. To read more up to date news on this cyber attack you can checkout these links –

Remote access support is essential for our businesses, schools, hospitals etc to continue normal activities. Should you require advice please reach out by emailing or calling on our main office number.

Microsoft have also identified a vulnerability that is called PrintNightmare, affecting printing capabilities globally. They have sent a statement urging that Windows Print Spooler services are to be disabled until further notice as this is an evolving situation.

On the weekend Microsoft stated:

We are still investigating whether all versions are exploitable,” the company wrote. “We will update this CVE when that information is evident.”

For more information click on the link below:

On the 4th July TV 1 – “Sunday” televised a very informative story on Cyber War. We highly recommend that you take the time to watch this programme on demand :

As we have always maintained – digital cybersecurity is of the highest priority. We are all required to look after our own back yards and keep the front door and windows shut. Please reach out to the security team at Fisheye as we continue to educate our IT community on keeping safe.

Watch this space as we launch our campaign to help Sort your shIT out…. In the meantime, stick to the golden rules:

  1. Always update your devices – computers, phones. Tablets etc as they are released
  2. Use a password phrase
  3. Back up your data regularly
  4. Use multifactor authentication

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