tinyTIP … passwords, blah, blah, blah but seriously

When you use a password Manager – you only have a couple of passwords to ever remember. You are in a much safer digital space. Sort it out now.

tinyTIP – When should you untrust ?

Don’t type your password when using the internet on a network you don’t know – which means UNTRUSTED – ie cafes, airports or hotels. etc. There’s people harvesting your info on those public wifi networks and that’s dangerous.

tinyTIP – When to get social ?

The best time to post something on Facebook for maximum sharing is noon or after 7pm or anytime Saturday.  The worst time to post something on Facebook for maximum sharing is after 11pm following a few vinos. 

tinyTIP – Hurry up and use a password manager.

Your digital wellbeing starts with password management – you really should have a password manager these days, or at least be thinking about it.  But if you don’t yet have this sorted …please do not reuse passwords over different accounts. 

tinyTIP – Vishing heading your way !

Did you know that 98% of text messages are read – 45% are responded to. This opens up a whole new avenue for cyber criminals to Vish you – be wary of any suspicious texts asking for personal information and to click on links you are not familiar with…just don’t do it. 

tinyTIP – How secure are you ?

Do you know how secure your passwords are?   Go to – https://haveibeenpwned.com/  This will show if you if your phone or email is in a data breach and you should then change any compromised passwords to be on the safe side. 

tinyTIP – Humans are still cleverer …

Did you know – If there was a computer as powerful as the human brain, it would be able to do 38 thousand trillion operations per second: and hold more than 3,580 terabytes of memory. Looks like the robots will be a wee way off yet ! 

We finally got round to posting our sustainability credentials – check it out…

We’ve been doing it ever since we started and picked up an award from the Sustainable Business Network way back in 2005 … and we haven’t stopped there. We thought it was time to let you know a little bit about our supply chain … and our future plans. We give a shIT ! Check […]

FISHEYE Latest Cybersecurity news – REvil Kaseya ransomware / PrintNightmare Zero day exploit

Typically, Independence Day in the US is a tradition of celebration where the country enjoys a long weekend and the festivities that go with this historic day. Ironically, this weekend has also been the focus of disruption for cyber criminal activity. You may have already heard about the ransomware attack targeted on the software firm […]

REvil and PrintNightmare – Independence Day Critical Ransomware Incidents

Date 3rd July 2021                                                                                             Identified at 0900 hours Communication and response action plan from the Fisheye Team regarding two global malware attacks overnight. First update as of 1300 hours to all Site Contacts REvil Ransomware Attack The Kaseya VSA platform is currently suffering from a malware attack known as the REvil Ransomware Attack. Fisheye has […]

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