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What is it?

Service Director is a powerful cloud service tool that serves as a bridge that takes our services closer to our users. This tool integrates with our  CRM and remote systems which allows us to effectively manage any issues raised by our clients. We are very proud of the fact that the software that we are using  is a 100% New Zealand developed software.

Use it now!

For day to day issues, Service Director is a much more efficient tool for providing an easy way to log jobs without having to stop what you’re doing; however we are still providing the other methods of logging jobs, such as emails and phone calls for more complicated issues.

Based from our clients’ feedback, service director is a useful tool for inputting detailed descriptions of issues and grants multitasking capabilities unlike phone calls that require their full attention. Regardless of services chosen by our clients to log a ticket, our aim is to resolve any logged issues to the best of our capabilities.


Some Features:

✓ Requires once only login
✓ Integrated chat and constant update feature
✓ Automatic input of IP  addresses and machine names
✓ Clients can approve work before it is performed
✓ Issues can be solved remotely

On the Go

Service Director is also available in a mobile version which means that even though clients are off site or not on their desk, they are still able to log their issues with the help of Service Director. In case of problems arising such as network or computer issues, this feature may come in handy for clients that want a quick way of logging tickets.


Pocket it now!

Simplicity makes the mobile version very easy to use as the users are greeted by options called “Request Support” and “View Tickets” upon log in, which provides a very easy step by step process of logging tickets. The mobile version shares the same features as the desktop version, however it takes advantage of a phones portability functionality.




Click the video below to learn more about Service Director.


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