At Fisheye, we partner with you in two pivotal ways: strategically ensuring your IT infrastructure supports and scales with your business, and providing daily support to keep your operations running smoothly.

From government departments to charitable trusts, and ambitious start-ups to mid-size corporations, we keep New Zealand businesses running smoothly. The common factor in all our client relationships? IT is essential to their success and efficient operation.

Our mission is to deliver seamless, reliable IT and OT solutions tailored to your needs.

Our journey

When Fisheye was launched in 2001, the prevalent IT service model was “break-fix” – only addressing problems when they occurred.

Our founder, Jeremy Hunt, recognized the limitations of this approach and, in 2007, transformed Fisheye into a proactive IT Managed Service provider.

This shift allowed us to monitor clients’ systems continuously, offering a fixed-cost service that ensures smooth operations and strategic growth.


We’re not fully sustainable yet, but we’ve been committed to it for 22 years.

Our founder, Jeremy, has always valued sustainability, and it’s deeply ingrained in our company. We’ve adopted sustainable practices early on, from small habits to big initiatives, and we’re starting to see the rewards.

Our technology partners

We have close relationships with the world’s leading technology providers.

Fisheye stands out in the industry through several key partnerships and certifications. We were the first in New Zealand to be appointed a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist, ensuring high standards in performance and reliability. As a member and facilitator of the Heartland Technology Group (HTG), we engage in global peer reviews and share best practices with IT leaders. Our use of DattoRMM allows us to remotely monitor and manage client systems efficiently. ConnectWise software helps us track projects and support issues, providing clients with transparency and adherence to ITIL standards. Additionally, StorageCraft ensures our clients’ data is always safe and accessible, enabling swift recovery in case of disasters.