Independent Certification for secure, safe and streamlined building operations

Updated to include the latest standards outlined in the NIST OT Security Special Publication (SP 800-82r3), our Building OT WOF is a comprehensive 60 point audit and certification of your operational systems, ensuring top-notch cyber security, occupants’ safety, seamless performance, and peace of mind.

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Building OT WOF certification process

Why you need a building OT WOF

The WOF covers key areas such as component protection, physical security, infrastructure resilience, data integrity, digital security, incident detection, governance, and continuity planning.

By conducting a detailed annual audit and certification, the WOF identifies vulnerabilities, ensures compliance with industry standards, and enhances overall system reliability.

This certification is essential for minimizing risks, preventing costly disruptions, and providing peace of mind to building owners and managers by guaranteeing that their building’s operational technology is robust and secure.

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Digital and
Remote Access

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What do you get from a building OT WOF?

Full report

On completion of the Building OT WOF you’ll receive a full report with an overall rating and summary.

This will firstly determine whether your building has passed or failed, and then whether it is at Gold, Silver or Bronze level.

The report will then identify individual pass/fail rates on each of the 3 sections and 9 categories.

It will give a comprehensive plan on how to remedy any areas of concern.As well as outline ways in which to get a greater score giving you a higher level of achievement.

Certificate, plaque and e-badge

Once you’ve acheived an acceptable pass; Gold, Silver or Bronze, you’ll receive a Certificate, A Plaque to display in your foyer and a digital certification that can be used on the footer of emails or websites.

Rating levels

Once you’ve passed the Building OT WOF, your building will be rated Gold, Silver or bronze depending on the level of risk mitigation in place.

Exemplary security and operational standards, with comprehensive measures covering all aspects of the building's technology systems.


Ensures top-notch security and seamless performance, maximizing system reliability and offering peace of mind. Achieving a Gold rating demonstrates a commitment to the highest level of security and operational excellence, which can enhance the building’s reputation and value.

Advanced security measures are in place, and the building meets higher standards of operational technology management.


Enhances protection against cyber threats and operational disruptions, providing better system reliability.

Basic security measures and compliance standards are met, but there are still areas for improvement.


Establishes a foundation for security and operational efficiency, reducing the most significant risks.

The building's operational technology systems have significant vulnerabilities or non-compliance issues.


The WOF has identified critical areas needing immediate attention to prevent potential security breaches or operational failures.