Full OT Support Services

Continuous support and maintenance for building OT systems are crucial to ensuring ongoing safety, security and efficiency.

Managed building OT services

Engaging in an ongoing Building OT maintenance program offers numerous benefits.

Regular updates and proactive management help identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, preventing disruptions and costly downtime.

It ensures continuous security by regularly updating and patching systems against new threats.

Proactive maintenance minimizes downtime by identifying and addressing issues before they become major problems. This leads to smoother operations and improved efficiency.

Additionally, it extends the lifespan of your technology investments, provides peace of mind with reliable system performance, and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Overall, it’s a cost-effective way to maintain optimal building operations and security.

Regular system
checks and updates

security measures

Routine performance

response support

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Remedy Building OT vulnerabilities

Fisheye Building Tech addresses and resolves issues identified during the WOF assessment, ensuring your building’s technology meets the highest standards.

If you have some immediate vulnerabilities or cyber security risks that need attention, our team are here to help.

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Rest easy with an independent certification

With our Building OT WOF, you get a comprehensive audit and certification of your operational systems, ensuring top-notch cyber security, occupants’ safety, seamless performance, and peace of mind.

“Fisheye have taken the stress away.”

"They seamlessly manage systems remotely, provide local support when needed, and visit our office regularly."

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"We have been a client of Fisheye Managed IT Services for over 15 years, and they have been a constant partner in our growth."

"Their regular communications and outstanding customer service have built a strong foundation of trust."

"Working with them has been a pleasure and truly feels like an investment in our success."

"For the past 20 years, we've relied on Fisheye to navigate the highs and lows of our technology needs."