We’ve been doing this for twenty years  –  Our founder Jeremy has always put sustainability as one of his key values – the importance of sustainability grows every year…so we are happy to say this is in our bones. 

From conception Fisheye was an early adopter of sustainable practises which are now just expected in our business activities…so we challenge ourselves to find more sustainable solutions and treat our planet better. 

Here’s a run down on what we have been doing for awhile and also the goals that we have set out to achieve. 

  • We have chosen “The Abilities Group” to reuse/recycle / repurpose our (and clients) e-waste. They also employ and enrich the lives of people with disabilities. 
  • We recommend business grade hardware – that lasts and with suppliers that have a social responsibility and sustainability practises in place such as HP 
  • Cleaning products are purchased from our local ECOSTORE business – we recycle all our packaging back to them.  
  • We promote the transition from batteries to rechargeable batteries and sell the kits. We recycle all of our batteries and use rechargeables for all our own needs.
  • Our “Smartass” toilet paper / paper towels are sourced from Innocent Packaging – it is made from 100% sugarcane and bamboo fibre.
  • Food scraps and organic waste goes to our worm farm- which feeds worm wee to our roof top garden – that in turns produces flowers for our bees. 
  • Our rooftop garden has a beehive from “Bees Up Top” and we give our honey away to our clients as a gratitude gift. 
  • We have a very well policed recycling system that encourages all staff to learn about the different waste streams – TIP one thing we did learn recently is that tinfoil with no food on it can be scrunched up and added to the recycling bin. 
  • We use recycled paper when we use paper. Our printers are configured to print double sided black and white by default.
  • Our power is supplied by Meridian Energy / Powershop who only supply 100% renewable energy – from wind / water and sun.
  • We advocate and celebrate small carbon footsteps with our team – such as transport to and from work. 
  • Recycle / reuse all of our packaging. 
  • We recycle all soft packaging – and buy the recycled fence posts to support this initiative on our property. 
  • We have planted trees for survival in our gullies and water ways. 

So what’s Next? 

  • Our goal is to become a B Corp certified in 2022 
  • To plant native trees every year as part of a rejuvenation commitment on our rural property. 
  • Continue to add new practises as we can in our processes and supply chain. 
  • Educate our clients and choose new business clients that are aligned with our values. 
  • Be educated by new ideas. 

If you can offer us any advice that we can change and adopt we will definitely listen just email us on